Project Description



Electrical outlet installation and repairing in Dracut, Lowell and other areas of the Massachusetts for renovated spaces like office and businesses.

Installing, Repairing and Replacing Electrical Outlets

You might notice a need for additional outlets in appropriately located areas around your residence so that you’re able to plug in anything of choice without the fear of overloading circuits that can pose a significant threat to you. The use of power strips may seem like an easy solution but you are in danger of overloading the outlet by attempting to use more current than its handling capacity. The best solution is to give Frechette Electrical a call so that one of our expert and professional technicians can evaluate your power requirements and install a switch or an outlet that will satisfy those needs.

Your outlets may require repairs if:

  • Wires are “backstabbed”
  • Wiring is loose/disconnected
  • Switches or outlets are unresponsive

In the case of electrical wiring, it is best to steer clear of DIY techniques and have any installations and repairs done by an expert electrician. Frechette Electrical Inc. has exactly what you require and will save you the inconvenience of attempting to do repairs on your own.


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